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Are you ready to feel confident in your everyday appearance?

I mean, really confident. Not “I think this looks okay on me. I mean, technically it fits” or “This shirt will be ok… as long as I keep my jacket on all day” confident.

Not “I’m wearing clothes because I will be freezing and likely arrested if I don’t” confident.

I mean, excited to get dressed and face the world confident!

Nostalgic 7th grade “I can’t wait for the first day of school to wear my favorite new outfit” confident!

I mean entering a room 100% sure that your entire look showcases your personality, flatters your bodytype and is appropriate for the occasion confident!

How do I know that I can help you get there? Because I did it myself. Because I grew up with the principal that image was important ingrained into me, yet I didn’t have the resources to obtain the same quality and quantity of clothing that my peers had.  I was so into fashion that I was single handedly doing my grandmother’s clothing shopping for her at age 10! But there was always a tight budget. For myself, for my grandmother, for my siblings. Refusing to let my love of fashion go, and understanding at a very young age how crucial a positive self image is from the inside out, I had to get real creative real quick.  I had to make the clothes I got from discount stores look like they came from boutiques. I had to look like I owned more clothing than I did, so I mix and matched and styled pieces in different ways. I had to cherish what I had because I never knew when I would be able to get more, so I took good care of everything. I expressed myself through clothing. I felt better about myself when I was proud of my outfit. I empowered myself by making my hand me downs and discount store purchases look like a million bucks.  I understand that in the adult years that desire to “fit in”, look your best and feel your best never goes away. So I practice it every day and it is my purpose and honor to help you do the same!

Aren’t you tired of standing in front of a closet full of clothes wondering why you never have anything to wear??

Dreading the mall, or spending hours there only to feel subpar about your selections?
Sick of spending time you don’t have stressing about to wear? Wondering if it’s appropriate for the occasion or even looks good on you?

The wardrobing experience is about empowerment. It’s about education. It’s about understanding your bodytype and learning how to dress to best flatter your figure. It’s about feeling confident in the purchases you make and the outfits you put together. It’s about having a personal style coach by your side to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone and into your fabulously confident, unapologetic, fashionable self.  It’s about investing in you.

Take this quick quiz to see if you could benefit from my styling services:

1. Do you have clothes hanging in your closet that still have tags on them?

2. Are you unsure about how to dress for your body type?

3. If you needed to buy a specific item for an upcoming event (say a special occasion, job interview, etc;), would you be unsure of how to dress for the occasion?

4. Would you walk aimlessly around the mall because you don’t know what store to go to in order to find what you’re looking for?

5. Do you tend to stick to the same, safe color palette when shopping?

6. Do you find that you buy separate pieces when shopping, then can’t find anything to match with them when you get home?

7. Do you lack confidence in the outfit combinations that you choose?

8. Do you regularly see a hair stylist, nail technician, etc., and pay for styling advice and services?

9. If so, don’t you think it would be just as valuable to receive fashion advice on your clothing style as well?

10. Is your closet an overwhelming, unorganized mess? Do you just pull out whatever is most available to wear because you are scared to reach into your closet’s deep, dark depths of the unknown?

11. Are you busy balancing family and career and you just simply don’t have the time for shopping trips or organizing your wardrobe on your own?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, we’ve got some work to do! Get started by clicking below to schedule a free 30 minute Style Evaluation over the phone or web to diagnose your style needs…

I'm Ready To Look & Feel My Best

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