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How do I know if I would benefit from working with a wardrobe consultant?

Take this quick quiz to find out!

Where does our initial meeting or Style Evaluation take place?

Wherever is most convenient! The Style Evaluation is where we discuss your lifestyle, your self image and what you want your wardrobe and appearance to say about you. You will also fill out a Client Profile. This can be done over the phone and email, through Skype or in person in your home or a neutral meeting location.

Closet Analysis FAQ’s

What is a Closet Analysis?

A Closet Analysis is just what it sounds like- an analysis on your wardrobe! I will come to your home to evaluate and rebuild your wardrobe. I will look for outdated items as well as at what pieces work for your body, ensure you’ve got Tricia’s Top Ten Essentials and create new outfit combinations with what you already own. I will build a complete season’s wardrobe based on your lifestyle, compiling looks for work, weekend, evenings, events, etc. This is to ensure that you will be prepared to dress to impress no matter what situation arises! For more info visit the Closet Analysis webpage and/or watch a video of a real live closet analysis.

How long does it take?

The amount of time a Closet Analysis takes depends on the size of the wardrobe and the clients specific needs, however it is typically 3 hours

What should I do to prepare for mine?

It is not necessary to have a spotlessly clean and organized closet. (in fact if you need help with organization we can do that too!) But the more prepared you are with your specific questions, needs and issues the more productive our time together will be. For example, if you have any pieces that you are unsure of how to wear or if you should keep or replace, pull those aside and we can review them. Also feel free to pull aside any garments that you would like to try on that you may be unsure of the fit of, so I can give you my opinion.

Will I have to throw away all my clothes?

No! This is not What Not To Wear and we are not doing an analysis for tv ratings, we are doing it for your personal benefit. I would never make anyone throw anything away, both because I understand sentimental value and because I believe strongly in swapping, consigning and donating items that are still in good condition. I will however make recommendations for items that may need to be replaced or relocated.

Shopping FAQ’S

If I want Tricia to go shopping for me do I have to go with her?

No. Shopping trios can be done as a team effort or I can go along and bring purchases back to your home of office. I do however recommend shopping together for at least the first time we work together so I can familiarize myself with your tastes, bodytype and fit specifics so future solo shopping trips are more productive and timely.

If I go shopping with Tricia am I required to buy something or spend a minimum amount of money?

No! I am not commissioned with any stores. If no purchases are made during our shopping trip and it is instead used as a shopping tutorial and education session that is just fine with me!

Gift certificate FAQ’s

How do I get a gift certificate?

Email tricia@itrustintricia or use our contact form to let us know what the amount you wish the gift certificate to be for. You will then be invoiced for that amount and can pay via internet or postal mail. Gift Certificates may also be customized and sent via email or postal mail.

Are gift certificates transferable?

Yes they are. Please just let us know via email the name of the person you are transferring your gift certificate to.

Do they expire?

No, there is no expiration date.

Style Swap FAQ’s

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