I feel very strongly about giving back, in any way possible. Growing up, my family had assistance from many programs and charities to help us through tough times. Now as an adult, a member of the community and a small business owner I feel it is only right that I repay those favors and ensure others less fortunate are given the same opportunities.

I believe that my gift is the ability to empower people and help them gain confidence. The vehicle I am able to do this through is fashion and speech. So I feel if I am able to gather folks together for a fun event, I feel it is my duty to ensure we are also taking a moment to recognize and help a deserving charity.

My Style Swaps have been integral in assisting a variety of charities including Rosie’s Place, Project Smile, Easton Women of Today, Penelope’s Place, Salvation Army, Accelerated Cure Project, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Project Hope. Each event has worked to raise awareness, funds and clothing donations for each charity. Check out pics from each event in the Style Swap photo gallery

I formed a special bond with Project Hope and my work continues with their women in need even beyond the Style Swap events. Learn more about my work with Project Hope      

Project Hope