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A Sneak Peek into a Closet Analysis

Sneak into a real live closet analysis to see what all the hype is about

Client Ashley was kind enough to let the world into her closet and allow Do Something Different Media Marketing to film me as I worked with her. Ashley came to Trust in Tricia because she was feeling overwhelmed by her wardrobe. In her own words she had”too many clothes but not enough outfits”. Approaching 30 and looking for a career change she realized one of the first obstacles she had to overcome was her appearance. How do you dress for a job you don’t even have yet? Surely it cant be by wearing clothes you’ve had since high school and college! But exactly how does a 30 year old dress up professionally without looking too immature or too matronly??

I helped Ashley solve all her problems with a style evaluation, closet analysis and look book. We sat and discussed the issues she was facing, and how she would like to present herself to the world. Then she showed me all of her clothes. I selected pieces I felt were appropriate for her next phase in life and made work and interview appropriate outfits out of them. Together we edited many outdated pieces from her wardrobe and organized her closet in a way that it was set for success- organized and filled with only appropriate pieces. Her look book will now help her keep track of the many outfit options shes has with her versatile pieces and make getting dressed quick and stress free! Here are some behind the scenes pics from the filming of Ashley’s closet and be sure to watch the video to hear what she had to say about the experience.


Before                                                        After


Before                                                       After